Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Good evening! WOW! Its been ages! I have been a busy bee at TAFE learning how to say shhh and put the odd library book away.Yes, at last I have uploaded my last assignment and hope I dont get it sent back for adjustments.
On the course I have met some lovely ladies: Megan, Lyndal, Margie and Linda. We have had fun, almost tears, frustration but most of all we have found friendship. These ladies mean a lot to me.
So, thats my Library assistant course, what else has happened in my life? Well, May is growing up! Not in size, but in age! She is still a little cutie and a little pesky puppy at times! She sleeps on the bed between me and hubby, all snuggled, untill she needs to go for a pee! Then she bounces over and off the bedd, wakes up Penny and me in the process. After the wee break she is back in the house and on the bed so damn quick she looks at me when I walk into the room as if to ask what took me so long!
We are soon to be on Christmas holidays here. Thats six weeks of no work, and unfortunatly no pay. However, we manage, and survive!  Well, we have to.

Hopefully I will be able to spend more time here now I am not studying, so, until next time, night night!

Monday, 16 September 2013

peppermint tea

I have not been to work today. After an issue a few weeks ago I have sometimes been anxious getting in, well, this morning I took boychild to his school and due to the weather and amount of traffic I knew I was going to be late. I had left in plenty of time. So, I started having a panic attack. My heart started racing and my breath became short. I couldnt focus (not good when driving), so I pulled off the road to a McDonalds. In the car park I sent a text to hubby and phoned the school saying I wasnt well. At that time I wasnt. I know all about panic attacks as girlchild and hubby have suffered from them.Now experiencing my own was not good.
So, I have spent the day at home. Bliss! I have done homework, played with May, quality time with girlchild and tried to relax. I am now drinking peppermint tea. Hmmm.
As a rule I drink proper tea. Can be decaf, but I do enjoy proper tea with milk no sugar. I dont do fancy pantsy fruity teas, cammomile makes me feel ill, and green tea...whats the point? But girlchild said I should try peppermint tea for health reasons. I keep trying it! I have found I can drink about half a cup, as long as the tea bag is taken out at the right time and I have the right amount of honey in it. I drink it out of necessity. So, as I have sat here talking to you, I have drunk todays half cup! Thank you!

Friday, 13 September 2013

WOW! Have I been busy or what? This studying is great fun, but can be hard work! Tonight I have been researching about copyright. A homework was due to be submitted today but due to time it never got done, I emailed the tutor and she gave me an extension. However I have set myself a time limit to get it done by, and I want to get it submitted by Monday. Therefore I need to finish it this weekend. I gave myself a respite by doing the topic quiz and on the second attempt got 10/10, so well pleased! That has been this afternoon, this morning has been another story!
If you read further back in my blog you will know I used to go to a Pilates class on a Friday morning, then go for coffee with Trish. due to TAFE, those had to be cancelled. Today I was able to go for coffee as my class was cancelled! It was fantastic catching up with Trish and Jo again! We just talked and talked! Jo has moved house, Trish is loving her TAFE class over at the Arts section where she is making jewellery, and I told them about peeing Penny!
Our older dog, Penny, a Cavalier King Charles has developed an incontinence problem. we blamed May at first then realised if May had peed that amount she would be a bag of bones with no fluid in her at all! so, we deduced it was Penny, and after blood tests and urine samples the vet has put her on medication. Well, I was about to go shower and dress ready for coffee but I could smell wee. On our sofa was a big wet patch. Girlchild had someone coming round, and I couldnt leave it smelly and horrible! Grabbed the covers off it and mopped up as much as I could then sprayed a deoderising spray on it and hoped it was ok! Really dont know what we are going to do about her. Cant keep on with the wee smell in the house! Oh well, it will get sorted, until then we have smelly candles and summer is on its way so doors can be opened!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Here I am again! Been very busy lately! May has grown from one hand-able to needing two hands! She attended Puppy Classes and then went to Basic Manners, and to our utter suprise she passed! it was our fault we had no confidence in her, we hadnt put in the hours at home! But to her credit, on the night she did all she was asked of and managed to pass the course. Needless to say she is not going ton to Intermediate classes yet, she needs more time!

Time is short for me at the moment, I am working at the school still, and also going to study at TAFE! I am returning to the Library Studies class I started four years ago! This time though I am learning the next certificate up. It is hard work juggling school, tafe and home, along with puppy time!But at the end I am going to have a Certificate in a job I want to do, more than a job I need to do!

Part of my studies I have is about social media. I have a reason to be on Facebook! I also have included this blog, and I have a Wiki space for  another subject. I am becoming a media butterfly!

Anyhow, back to May! As you can see she is a beautiful fluffy little girl, blond in colour and mind! She does have an ugly side too......
LOL! When she is wet you can really see the Chinese Crested side of her! One damn ugly puppy!

Talking of China, Becky went! I am so envious! Her school friend was studying there and invited her over so she saved up and went! She was there for three weeks or so, one week with her friend, then her friends mum and sister arrived and they saw some sights then all came home together. She had a fantastic time! When her friend goes again I am going! Saving for it now!

Been nice talking to you, hope it wont be as long till the next time, but like I say, time is valuable! xx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A catch up on news

Sorry I have not been here much! I have been busy! What have I done I hear you ask, well, let me tell you!
Firstly I have been working extra hours at school in the library. The librarian has been off for a major op and asked me to fill in for her, keeping the library tidy and re-shelving the returns. Loved it. Wish I could pick up more time in there!
Secondly, hubby has not been too well. Depression is a nasty illness. He has had it before but never this bad. He is on medication and seeing a therapist now, and having good days and bad. At the moment the bad are outweighing the good.
We have also had mums 80th birthday! We went out for dinner with her on the Saturday, and popped round on the big day. She had a good time.
I have also been knitting again, finding it very therapeutic. I finished a tea cosy, and am now making another! The one I finished has a bunch of roses on the top! The one I am making now is for The Biggest Morning Tea! It is blue with a daffodil on it! I started as I was on the iPad too much. I don't like making big stuff,  so finding patterns of small things is good!
And another little thing happening in our world, we have a new puppy! A work colleague of hubby's dog is mum, we went to see the puppy's and fell in love with one! She is a Maltese Shitz tzu x Chinese crested puffball. Very tiny but with bags of personality! Her name is Maylee, answering to May. She is also called MaisieMoo, piddlepot, and munchkin. She still spends a lot of time sleeping, but can be awake and arguing with Penny at 11 pm! Love her to bits! Amazing how something so small can fit into your heart so quickly!
So, that's what's happening here, what's happening in your world?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pilates and games night!

Oh boy! Did my Pilates class. I find it rewarding, it exercises in a quiet way. You don't realise how much you have done until later that day, or the next day! Tonight my arms are feeling it. Luckily my hairstyle now will let me just rough dry it as holding the hair dryer up will not happen in the morning I think!
This may have issues for me tomorrow as we have a games night tomorrow. My offerings for the evening will be chicken pieces coated in a herb or cheese crust, as well as other things! Games nights are fun. We sit around, the men drink, we all eat our goodies then when the men are suitably drunk we get out the games! Ladies win most times!

On another note, we may be getting a puppy! Penny may be having a little friend! I hope she finds her as a friend! They are Chinese Crested x Maltese shi tzu puppies, only a few weeks old at the moment, we should be able to go see them next week and hopefully choose if we have a black one or white. Or as in past experience, the puppy will choose us! We are getting a little bit excited!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tonight I danced!

What a few days I have had! Well, Sunday we went to another Fringe Show: The Lady Sings It Better. They were one of the acts from Titters, a showcase of female talent. Anyhow, these ladies sang male orientated songs but with the female twist. They were awesome! One to watch again!

Monday was the day off for a horse race! Due to it being a Public Holiday all shops were shut, so we went to the movies. Bad choice! We saw "I give it a year" and wasted an hour of our lives! We did have a coffee after that helped make up for it!

That was then, today is Wednesday, and I danced! I dusted off my tap shoes popped them on and with other older ladies we danced at the dance studio! It was good fun, we did some warm ups, some corner work then we did a dance! So good!

Now I am knackered. Night!