Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Good evening! WOW! Its been ages! I have been a busy bee at TAFE learning how to say shhh and put the odd library book away.Yes, at last I have uploaded my last assignment and hope I dont get it sent back for adjustments.
On the course I have met some lovely ladies: Megan, Lyndal, Margie and Linda. We have had fun, almost tears, frustration but most of all we have found friendship. These ladies mean a lot to me.
So, thats my Library assistant course, what else has happened in my life? Well, May is growing up! Not in size, but in age! She is still a little cutie and a little pesky puppy at times! She sleeps on the bed between me and hubby, all snuggled, untill she needs to go for a pee! Then she bounces over and off the bedd, wakes up Penny and me in the process. After the wee break she is back in the house and on the bed so damn quick she looks at me when I walk into the room as if to ask what took me so long!
We are soon to be on Christmas holidays here. Thats six weeks of no work, and unfortunatly no pay. However, we manage, and survive!  Well, we have to.

Hopefully I will be able to spend more time here now I am not studying, so, until next time, night night!

Monday, 16 September 2013

peppermint tea

I have not been to work today. After an issue a few weeks ago I have sometimes been anxious getting in, well, this morning I took boychild to his school and due to the weather and amount of traffic I knew I was going to be late. I had left in plenty of time. So, I started having a panic attack. My heart started racing and my breath became short. I couldnt focus (not good when driving), so I pulled off the road to a McDonalds. In the car park I sent a text to hubby and phoned the school saying I wasnt well. At that time I wasnt. I know all about panic attacks as girlchild and hubby have suffered from them.Now experiencing my own was not good.
So, I have spent the day at home. Bliss! I have done homework, played with May, quality time with girlchild and tried to relax. I am now drinking peppermint tea. Hmmm.
As a rule I drink proper tea. Can be decaf, but I do enjoy proper tea with milk no sugar. I dont do fancy pantsy fruity teas, cammomile makes me feel ill, and green tea...whats the point? But girlchild said I should try peppermint tea for health reasons. I keep trying it! I have found I can drink about half a cup, as long as the tea bag is taken out at the right time and I have the right amount of honey in it. I drink it out of necessity. So, as I have sat here talking to you, I have drunk todays half cup! Thank you!

Friday, 13 September 2013

WOW! Have I been busy or what? This studying is great fun, but can be hard work! Tonight I have been researching about copyright. A homework was due to be submitted today but due to time it never got done, I emailed the tutor and she gave me an extension. However I have set myself a time limit to get it done by, and I want to get it submitted by Monday. Therefore I need to finish it this weekend. I gave myself a respite by doing the topic quiz and on the second attempt got 10/10, so well pleased! That has been this afternoon, this morning has been another story!
If you read further back in my blog you will know I used to go to a Pilates class on a Friday morning, then go for coffee with Trish. due to TAFE, those had to be cancelled. Today I was able to go for coffee as my class was cancelled! It was fantastic catching up with Trish and Jo again! We just talked and talked! Jo has moved house, Trish is loving her TAFE class over at the Arts section where she is making jewellery, and I told them about peeing Penny!
Our older dog, Penny, a Cavalier King Charles has developed an incontinence problem. we blamed May at first then realised if May had peed that amount she would be a bag of bones with no fluid in her at all! so, we deduced it was Penny, and after blood tests and urine samples the vet has put her on medication. Well, I was about to go shower and dress ready for coffee but I could smell wee. On our sofa was a big wet patch. Girlchild had someone coming round, and I couldnt leave it smelly and horrible! Grabbed the covers off it and mopped up as much as I could then sprayed a deoderising spray on it and hoped it was ok! Really dont know what we are going to do about her. Cant keep on with the wee smell in the house! Oh well, it will get sorted, until then we have smelly candles and summer is on its way so doors can be opened!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Here I am again! Been very busy lately! May has grown from one hand-able to needing two hands! She attended Puppy Classes and then went to Basic Manners, and to our utter suprise she passed! it was our fault we had no confidence in her, we hadnt put in the hours at home! But to her credit, on the night she did all she was asked of and managed to pass the course. Needless to say she is not going ton to Intermediate classes yet, she needs more time!

Time is short for me at the moment, I am working at the school still, and also going to study at TAFE! I am returning to the Library Studies class I started four years ago! This time though I am learning the next certificate up. It is hard work juggling school, tafe and home, along with puppy time!But at the end I am going to have a Certificate in a job I want to do, more than a job I need to do!

Part of my studies I have is about social media. I have a reason to be on Facebook! I also have included this blog, and I have a Wiki space for  another subject. I am becoming a media butterfly!

Anyhow, back to May! As you can see she is a beautiful fluffy little girl, blond in colour and mind! She does have an ugly side too......
LOL! When she is wet you can really see the Chinese Crested side of her! One damn ugly puppy!

Talking of China, Becky went! I am so envious! Her school friend was studying there and invited her over so she saved up and went! She was there for three weeks or so, one week with her friend, then her friends mum and sister arrived and they saw some sights then all came home together. She had a fantastic time! When her friend goes again I am going! Saving for it now!

Been nice talking to you, hope it wont be as long till the next time, but like I say, time is valuable! xx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A catch up on news

Sorry I have not been here much! I have been busy! What have I done I hear you ask, well, let me tell you!
Firstly I have been working extra hours at school in the library. The librarian has been off for a major op and asked me to fill in for her, keeping the library tidy and re-shelving the returns. Loved it. Wish I could pick up more time in there!
Secondly, hubby has not been too well. Depression is a nasty illness. He has had it before but never this bad. He is on medication and seeing a therapist now, and having good days and bad. At the moment the bad are outweighing the good.
We have also had mums 80th birthday! We went out for dinner with her on the Saturday, and popped round on the big day. She had a good time.
I have also been knitting again, finding it very therapeutic. I finished a tea cosy, and am now making another! The one I finished has a bunch of roses on the top! The one I am making now is for The Biggest Morning Tea! It is blue with a daffodil on it! I started as I was on the iPad too much. I don't like making big stuff,  so finding patterns of small things is good!
And another little thing happening in our world, we have a new puppy! A work colleague of hubby's dog is mum, we went to see the puppy's and fell in love with one! She is a Maltese Shitz tzu x Chinese crested puffball. Very tiny but with bags of personality! Her name is Maylee, answering to May. She is also called MaisieMoo, piddlepot, and munchkin. She still spends a lot of time sleeping, but can be awake and arguing with Penny at 11 pm! Love her to bits! Amazing how something so small can fit into your heart so quickly!
So, that's what's happening here, what's happening in your world?

Friday, 15 March 2013

Pilates and games night!

Oh boy! Did my Pilates class. I find it rewarding, it exercises in a quiet way. You don't realise how much you have done until later that day, or the next day! Tonight my arms are feeling it. Luckily my hairstyle now will let me just rough dry it as holding the hair dryer up will not happen in the morning I think!
This may have issues for me tomorrow as we have a games night tomorrow. My offerings for the evening will be chicken pieces coated in a herb or cheese crust, as well as other things! Games nights are fun. We sit around, the men drink, we all eat our goodies then when the men are suitably drunk we get out the games! Ladies win most times!

On another note, we may be getting a puppy! Penny may be having a little friend! I hope she finds her as a friend! They are Chinese Crested x Maltese shi tzu puppies, only a few weeks old at the moment, we should be able to go see them next week and hopefully choose if we have a black one or white. Or as in past experience, the puppy will choose us! We are getting a little bit excited!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tonight I danced!

What a few days I have had! Well, Sunday we went to another Fringe Show: The Lady Sings It Better. They were one of the acts from Titters, a showcase of female talent. Anyhow, these ladies sang male orientated songs but with the female twist. They were awesome! One to watch again!

Monday was the day off for a horse race! Due to it being a Public Holiday all shops were shut, so we went to the movies. Bad choice! We saw "I give it a year" and wasted an hour of our lives! We did have a coffee after that helped make up for it!

That was then, today is Wednesday, and I danced! I dusted off my tap shoes popped them on and with other older ladies we danced at the dance studio! It was good fun, we did some warm ups, some corner work then we did a dance! So good!

Now I am knackered. Night!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My manicure

Today I went for a manicure and pedicure. Hubby gave me a voucher for my birthday and I decided to use it. My nails needed doing and we are going out for dinner tonight for mums birthday. However, as I sat there with a little Asian girl tending to my feet I didn't feel right. Why? I don't know. I have never felt comfortable. I wanted to ask how much she was paid an hour, knowing my mani ped was $60 and took about an hour. She had been busy all day, she was tired, there was customers waiting. Would she have been paid a fair wage? I hope so, the place was a hive of activity, generating a good turnover.

So my nails are done, all I have to do now is put on my dress and go get dinner. I will return later!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My week

I have had a funny week. Not funny haha but oh dear funny. Monday was a work day. It was good, helped children and teachers. Felt good. Worthwhile. Tuesday was mums birthday, so after another morning at school I got her some flowers on the way home then when hubby came home we went to see her. She is now 80 years old and still active and lovely. Every morning she wakes up and thanks God, well, at 80 she says she never knows if she may not wake up! Apparently she has a wedding venue picked out. Just got to find the groom. I asked her not to have a long engagement! Love her to bits!
Then today. Oh dear! Started well. I have a reading group from my year 6/7s. We are reading a lovely book called Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird. All about a family involved in the Kurd and Saddam Hussain Iraqis war. The children are willing to read, enthusiastic and observant. If they don't understand a part they will ask.  A great group. Then I had some guys working on something else, wanted to bang my head against a brick wall! It involved a plane crash, one lad said a bird flew into an engine, that would cause the crash. Yes I said, it could. Another said a snake caught in the engine (this happened recently on a Qantas flight), this probably wouldn't cause it said I, but it happend said they, yes said I, but the plane didn't crash. Hmmm, said they, ok then, how about a crate of snakes? Have you seen snakes on a plane said I! Anyhow, managed to get them away from the snakes, and onto the topic in hand with just enough time to write the piece! Then my day hit a black spot. Most of my children were then in committees or otherwise engaged and I felt like a spare part. Not a fun feeling! However, this afternoon I was redeemed. Two boys, both with issues came out of the class to work with me and we had a pleasant afternoon of working and talking. Social skills. People forget that we need to learn how to talk to others, how to wait our turn to speak.
Then my day hit the rocks again, I had to go to the dentist! Love my hygienist and dentist, but I hate going to them! Chris is lovely and chatty while she cleans and polishes, Rob has a lovely manner and dreamy eyes but I wish I didn't have to go! And now after the pulling around I have face ache. Panadol and bed for me soon!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My novel!

As I was sleeping the other night, an idea for my novel popped into my head. This is not unusual, but it is unusual in that when I woke up I rememberd it! All day my mind played with it, then that evening the words tumbled from my fingers and a Prologue was written. Chapter one is now happening, unfortunately the first attempt is about to be squashed up into a ball and placed in the rubbish bin. You see I have just had another idea for it! Instead of it just being her, it will be him and her! They will oth speak! Yay! It may work! If I can keep myself interested enough I may be able to get to the end of the story and not finish half way through....or less! So tomorrow when I get home from school I intend to have a writing session. I am flexible on this, due to life gets in the way!

On another note, today I introduced daughters boyfriend to the English delight of Toad in the Hole! Sausage in yorkshires, that's all it is! It was a bit late due to the fact the cake took its time to cook. It was a marble cake, turned a lot chocolatey but was nice! And of course we all know you can't put 'wet' stuff in the oven with a cake or it won't rise properly. So dinner had to wait a bit! Cake was lovely, so was dinner! Made some carrot cake cupcakes too! Yummy! No weight loss this week! Whoops! 

Friday, 1 March 2013

It's been too long!

It feels ages since I last wrote! I have been a bit tired and just vegged out infront of the tv playing Hay Day and Candy Crush. How sad is that? Very!
Hubby was off work yesterday and today. Not ill or anything sad like that, but following his other passion in his life: the Adelaide Clipsal 500 V8 racing. His first passion is watching cycling apparently. After being married for over 26 years I knew he meant that I was in there somewhere! So off he goes to the city, there he will meet up with his parents who also love the sport and they have a jolly good time. Me, I watch it on TV, with the aircon on if I need it and a cup of tea when I want. Come Sunday he can be a bit over spending time with his parents!
One of my passions is reading. At the moment I am reading a book from the library on my ereader (very rarely read a proper book now, they are always on the ereader now!) that I thought was of an era and place I like, Scotland in the times of lairds and maidens, from 1500s. Well, it's more like Scotland in the 1800s with damsels in distress being loved by the lairds. Yep, it's the Fifty Shades set in Scotland in times past! Three stories in one book, all on a similar theme. Reading them because they are there! Honest! However, got me thinking, I have never read the Fifty Shades series but some people think this erotica is new, come on peeps, it's not. It has been around for ages! Mills and Boon know all about it! There's is tamed down but it is there. Then there are others they just don't have all the hype about them that the Shades had!
Completely changing the subject, saved us from a big vets bill today! Penny, our little Cavalier King Charles got a grass seed in her paw today. I noticed she wasn't happy walking and had started to lick her paw. Well, she eventually let us look and while hubby held her I checked it out. I was about to give up and phone the vet when it touched my finger! It was a burr type. The ones that get matted into fur (or socks!) and cause distress! Upon retrieval, and a little cuddle better she trotted off a happy little girl! No more paw licking and now sleeping in the cool draft from the fan!
Time for me to sign off now, have a good weekend! I will.... hubby is out tomorrow and Sunday at the V8s!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fruits of my labour

Yesterday I baked, today I ate! Oops!

I also got the man round to fix the spa. It has been leaking, majorly! So, after a while of putting up with it I decided to call a man that can. He took the sides off and found the problem. Leaking from a couple of places. Drip, drip, drip drip. That fast. No wonder I am forever filling it up! Must also be costing a fortune in heating it too! So, he will be back next week with a man and they will sort it out. It will cost, but at least it won't cost as much as the water and power is going to if we don't get it done, or the damage it will do to the motor.

Now, my book awaits. I have signed in to library's SA, and through my local library's links I can get more books for my ereader on loan! More books more choice! Night all!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Just realised...

...I didn't write anything yesterday! *shock, horror*  please forgive me! Not sure if anyone reads this, but if you do I am sorry!

So yesterday after going to get our lotto win ($29), we took boy to his gang show rehearsal then went to Glenelg. It's a lovely sea side district in Adelaide, clean sandy beaches, beautiful people and nice place to go! We didn't go there just to be there, but we had tickets to a Fringe show. We went to see Afternoon Tea with Joyce Grenfell! Well, we were the youngest ones there! The performer, Liz Hurstle did a great job! She sang the Grenfell songs and did some monologues, did costume changes on stage and entertained us. In the interval a High Tea was served, dainty club sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and brownies, washed down with a cup of tea! All very civilised and lovely! This was all done with mum hubby sitting down on a sore backside.

You see, he went out on his bike in the morning, and came off it. Apparently it was one of those times you wish you had a camera on him. It was a slow slide, luckily narrowly missing being impaled on a star spike. But instead he bruised his bum, well, his hip, and bumped his shoulder. He got off luckily! However today the bruise is black and blue and he has dropped his pants so many times showing people I am expecting a sexual harassment case against him!

After such a good day yesterday I didn't get such a good morning today. A couple of the children in my class are causing me worry. So I got home and as per normal my therapy is in the kitchen. I bake! Today while dinner was bubbling in the slowpot (beef with veggies and potatoes), I put a banana loaf in the oven. I then made a spinach quiche and a Bakewell tart. To use up the pastry scraps I made some cheese and vegemite fingers. I now feel counselled and calm! My waist will not be happy!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My day!

Decided to do some gardening today! Outside our bedroom window we have a patch of garden with an apple tree and a lemon tree. Underneath them was grass. That died. So we fed the soil and made a veggie plot. First crop was good, second feeble third non existent! We fed the soil and everything but nope. No more veggies. We tried to get the grass to grow there again, but no. So we covered it in weed suppressant cloth and we were going to put white stone chips on it, but the cloth started to disintegrate before we got it, so today I have been weeding. Some of the little blighters  had popped up again! Also the lemon tree was a bit sick, so I pruned it, fed it and watered it! Lets see if it perks up!

Then this evening we went to the movies. We went to see Save Haven. It was good, but not another notebook! It is the last of the movies we wanted to see for a while, we have had a run of must sees but we think that is it for now! However we may go and see Oz! Now we are sitting at home watching HungernGames. I have read the books and although they are not my normal genre I did enjoy them.

Tomorrow is another busy day! We are off to see a Fringe Show: High Tea with Joyce Grenfell! Looking forward to it!

Going to sign off now, the film is getting intense! Laters!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Why do some people piss you off? Is it just in their nature or is it that you rub them up the wrong way or is it just me? Some people think they know best and what they say is gospel, but the don't get that people may have opinions that may differ from theirs. Perhaps it's the Aspergers in us all coming out, whatever it is, it really pisses me off! Enough of the rant, now on with the good stuff!

Today I had coffee with mum before we shopped, hubby's parents had another outing to go to today so they were not there. Anyhow, as we sat talking, mum made a comment about the hospital system here. She then asked what would happen if she fell over and broke her hip, she doesn't have hospital cover on her private health, what would happen to her. The look on her face was a worried look. I don't know if she thought she would be left at home or what. "Mum" I told her, "you have ambulance cover so you would be taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. It will be a general hospital, not a private one, but you would be looked after and cared for. You might not have the private room or the posh facilities but the care and service would be the same." I don't know how long she had been worrying about it, but the poor thing did look a bit relieved! She is worried enough as it is. You see she came to Australia to be with us, but her money will run out, and with it her independence. She will eventually move in with us. She knows it will happen, and we are happy about it, but she is an independent tough old bird. She loves her space and her independence and privacy. Don't we all. However, even though my brother is still in Blighty, she is here with me to look after her as a daughter would do. And will do. Not because it is my duty, but because I love her.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Today tonight!

On The Project tonight they did a feature on angry kids. Today I was told of an incident with one of my pupils at home where he had a rage. This ended with his mum calling the police. He came into school today tired. We wondered was school a sanctuary for him, or was it his choice. We couldn't ask him as we didn't want him to have another anger attack and harm himself or others. Then seeing the report on the angry kids tonight made me hope mum had managed to get help for the kid today. He needs it. On the whole he is not a bad kid. Maybe a bit loud, maybe a bit outspoken, but when he smiles his whole face lights up, when he laughs his eyes shine, but in an instant when he gets frustrated he is scarey. Did kids get that angry when we were young? Angry enough that mum needed to call the police?

That was just part of my day. Another part was going to have a look at a gym.  It was good, just what I needed. But hopefully I won't be using it! Daughter came home last night from the dance school and they are going to try adult tap classes! On a night I can go! Yes!!! Fitness with fun! Problem solved!

Another part of my day was finishing my jigsaw puzzle! Now what am I going to do? :-)

Monday, 18 February 2013


Today after work I was going to go for a walk. However the temps hit 39.8deg so the walking shoes stayed in the back of the air conditioned car. In fact they are still there now! Maybe they will be taken out tomorrow! I will be going to look at a gym tomorrow. Don't know why. I can't stand gyms! They are the devils home! However, due to the fact that I need to do something in the form of exercise I will go have a look at one, then go for a coffee and lunch maybe.....
On a lighter note I have started playing a couple of games on the iPad. Three actually! Candy crush, Hay Day and 4 pictures 1word! All very different! One is stratergy, one very silly, and one annoying. You can work it out what way round... Why am I playing them? I don't know! I think I need to study again or do something crafty again!
As the title says, today is Monday, and after being to work I am tired, so tonight's words are short and sweet, night all!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


I have had a lovely day today! Firstly we went to the beach, the four of us, for a lovely walk. Now I know I want to work on my fitness but with hubby who is now training every day it was a bit like a route march. 2k up the beach, walking in the surf ankle/mid calf and on soft then hard sand was a good workout. Then don't forget the need to go back down the beach to get back to the car. Route march. I enjoy a walk, I love a walk on the beach, I like to get the heart pumping, but I do it at my own pace. On the plus side we had a lovely coffee at the turnaround point!
It did make me think though, on joining a gym. I hate gyms. I love my Pilates class. But I hate gyms. But I can get a gym membership cheaper than a block of Pilates classes. So do I go to the gym and try and work on my fitness or not? I still need to do the Pilates to get my body strong, but the cardio needs attention!
Tomorrow is Monday, and as we didn't win the lotto last night, I have to go to work tomorrow. Deep joy. I do like my job. I do love my job. But....

Saturday, 16 February 2013


My little girl is home! She has been to Bali with some friends for twelve days. Bali. The place where you hear of bribery and corruption from the law enforcement, of people imprisoned for drug trafficking who plead their innocence, of Bali bum (think Dheli belly!) and people going on holiday and never coming back alive. However, I know people who love the place, one in fact has taken up residence for six months to a year there with her thirteen year old son. The boy is in a school there, called The Green School and apparently he loves it. But when your child says she is going to Bali with friends you do get a bit panicky. Then when her Internet stuffs up and her messages don't come through you worry. But today, we collected her from the airport....and breathed a sigh of relief! Apparently she had a wonderful time! She rode on an elephant, she went white water rafting, loved the villa they were in, and will go back! For us it was a long twelve days!
Her boyfriend spent the afternoon with us, had dinner with us, then took her to town so she could go dancing with some other friends! He was ok with it, he is working early tomorrow so would be leaving at the same time as she went out. They will see each other again tomorrow.
Meanwhile tonight hubby and I did something we have started doing occasionally. After dinner we went out for coffee! Well, I had hot chocolate due to the fact that if I have coffee after six I am awake most of the night. We don't go to the pub for the night, we like to sit home and watch tv. We do go to the movies, theatre and concerts or shows, but we have started going out for a coffee after dinner some times. It's nice. Just the two of us. And we talk. Something we all need to do, talk to our partners. Create time to be together. Ok when we win the lotto we may not want to be together all day, but in the meantime the odd coffee together is nice!

Friday, 15 February 2013

I don't like mushrooms.

Today has been a busy-ish day. After taking boychild to school I zipped off to my Pilates class. Yes, I am working on my six pack, it's just it is covered in a layer of insulation! It was a good class. One of the regulars is about to have a baby. No, I mean really about to have a baby! I didn't expect her to turn up today, but she came in and did her modified program to help her next week. If she hasn't popped by Wednesday, the baby will be here Thursday! Bit exciting! Anyhow, as she left we wished her luck and she promised to pop in with the baby!
After class I went to meet another friend for coffee. We met at a different Pilates studio and carried on the habit of coffee after class, and as my class is half an hour earlier than hers I go and meet her at the cafe. As per normal I paid for mine then sat to wait. And wait. And wait. I texted her. In the end I had my coffee, and left. I sent her another text just saying that I hoped she was ok. Just after I got home she replied. Major headache and a dead phone and an apology! As long as she is ok!
Hubby is still home, no energy but getting better. So after doing nothing all afternoon he took boy child to his diving thing and picked up dinner on the way home! Pizza and chips! But I don't like mushrooms. The pizza was covered in mushrooms. Ewwww! By the time I had taken them off I was left with the base, barbecue sauce and chicken. The cheese came off with the mushrooms. Hubby did appologise, but ewww! Mushrooms!
On a lighter note, my daughter comes back from Bali tomorrow. She has had a lovely time, apart from loosing her bank card yesterday. We were having Internet issues anyhow, but she was getting frantic to message me to cancel her card, in the end her boyfriend messaged me! Card canceled and she didn't need anymore money anyhow! So looking forward to her coming home, but I do think she will be going back!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day, also today being Thursday!

Valentines day did not get off to a good start. You see I had planned to get a card for hubby this morning, then place it on the bed/where he puts his bag or somewhere when he got home. I hadn't planned for him being home ill. Bugger. When I got out of the shower this morning was a red envelope on the pillow. Whoops. 'My card for you is still in the shop....sorry!' Hmmm. Didn't look promising! I told him I hadn't banked on him leaving work early yesterday and being home today. 'So when I got up this morning to go to work there was to be no card waiting?' 'Ermmm....nope! Sorry!' I mean, we don't do prezzies or flowers as, well, as Megan Gale said last night on The Project, it means more if it is spontaneous. Hence the change of time for the card from me...ring the changes and all that. Luckily, he was too poorly to feel to put out! When I went shopping I brought him a lovely card, and a box or Roses to share this afternoon! I also got two red roses, courtesy of mums garden!

Today is also Thursday. It means it is my day for shopping and meeting the parents for coffee. My taking care of the elderly! We meet at Cibo in the Plaza, the Inlaws get there first normally as they have nothing to do and need conversation. Mum follows along after getting the bus (if she is ill or whatever I do pick her up but as she gets free bus rides she says its just as easy for her get the bus). So, I get there to meet his mum and dad, then himself walks in from going to the doctor, then mum walks up. Lots of Oooos and Ahhhhhs about his health and lots of 'you've got to get it checked out,' and 'so it's a virus, did they give you anything?' Nope, it's a virus. Can't give anything as when we were little the doctors handed out antibiotics like sweets and now they realise their mistake. However, it is now on his record and he has a sick note. We then proceed to hear the same story in triplicate, and stereo, while we have a lovely coffee. Hubby is lucky. He can make a quick exit due to the state of his health. I can't. I pick up my bag. Hint hint. Time to shop. Eventually we get to Woolworths and sort out the groceries!
Happy Valentines day people!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I remember!

Just remembered what I wanted to tell you! With it being Ash Wednesday and as I work in a Catholic Church school we had a liturgy. Through the day the different classes or year groups went into the Chapel and followed the service, with the teachers making the sign of a cross in ash on everyone's forehead. Apparently a little Sudanese child got upset. The Principle asked what is wrong, the child replied that no-one could see his cross! Poor mite! The Principle will arrange for white ash for next year, and maybe a bit of chalk dust for today!

It's my weekend!

Today is Ash Wednesday, but it also signifies the start of my weekend! *does happy dance!* I only work Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, not because I am lazy but I don't want to work any more than those three days! On a Thursday I endure coffee with my mum and hubby's parents before I shop with mum then take her home. Then on a Friday I have my day, I go to a Pilates class then coffee with my lovely friend Trish. So how can I work any more? I can't! Therefore I rest my case and only work the three days. Ok the money is crap but the mind is better!

So here I am at home. I don't have to wait for hubby to come home as he is already here. He is poorly. I made him a cup of tea when I got back from taking boy child to the doctors, but it sits there getting cold. 'Oh yes please, that would be nice he said!' He is now snoring his little head off.

Yes, today I had to take boychild to the doctors. He is part of the Scout movement, a Venturer. They are going diving on Friday. As he suffered from asthma when he was little and now has allergic rhinitis we ticke two boxes on the medical form. If you tick a box you need to have a doctors permission. So we saw the doctor. It interrupted my nap time but it had to be done. Turns out the doctor had seen boychild on stage in his dance concert. Not suffering from asthma there! All good, form signed and home 30 minutes after the appointment time! Result! Doctor was nice too. It's hard to find a doctor you can get on with, there are a couple at the practice I use that I am not keen to see, but there are also some I like!

Can I just say, there was something else I wanted to tell you, but I can't remember what it is! An age thing I presume!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I was told to do this!

Today I was told I should write a blog as my Facebook statuses can be funny. I said I had tried before without much success, I gave up after the idea had been made to a blog. But this one, maybe, just maybe, might make it through!

So who am I? My name is Pat, I am a mum and a wife. I live in Australia after emigrating from England. I work in a school as a teaching assistant part time. The rest of my time is spent playing on my iPad and doing a jigsaw puzzle. Oh, I also do housework, read, shop, and help my mum, but that is not seen!

I like baking and cooking. I often make up recipes, so if I say that, for instance, today is pancake day so I did savoury pancakes with mince, cannelloni style....please don't ask for the recipe as I don't know it! A pinch of this, a splash of that, put in the oven and Bobs your uncle! There is dinner! You will be pleased to know that cakes are more to the printed word.....ish!

Yesterday I was so chuffed! I harvested 2.4lb of grapes from my vine! Not wine grapes but small eaters. I put a pic on my fb page and had 23 likes! Don't know why...they were only grapes that I managed to save from the birds! You see, I told the birds they couldn't have them this year, last year they cleaned the vine for me! I didn't show them where they were, but on Christmas Day mother in law did.  'Oh look,' she said, 'you have some lovely bunches in there' moving the leaves aside 'you better cover them in net to stop the birds!' Well, I believe that the birds can have some, they need them more than me, but I would like to try them too!