Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Here I am again! Been very busy lately! May has grown from one hand-able to needing two hands! She attended Puppy Classes and then went to Basic Manners, and to our utter suprise she passed! it was our fault we had no confidence in her, we hadnt put in the hours at home! But to her credit, on the night she did all she was asked of and managed to pass the course. Needless to say she is not going ton to Intermediate classes yet, she needs more time!

Time is short for me at the moment, I am working at the school still, and also going to study at TAFE! I am returning to the Library Studies class I started four years ago! This time though I am learning the next certificate up. It is hard work juggling school, tafe and home, along with puppy time!But at the end I am going to have a Certificate in a job I want to do, more than a job I need to do!

Part of my studies I have is about social media. I have a reason to be on Facebook! I also have included this blog, and I have a Wiki space for  another subject. I am becoming a media butterfly!

Anyhow, back to May! As you can see she is a beautiful fluffy little girl, blond in colour and mind! She does have an ugly side too......
LOL! When she is wet you can really see the Chinese Crested side of her! One damn ugly puppy!

Talking of China, Becky went! I am so envious! Her school friend was studying there and invited her over so she saved up and went! She was there for three weeks or so, one week with her friend, then her friends mum and sister arrived and they saw some sights then all came home together. She had a fantastic time! When her friend goes again I am going! Saving for it now!

Been nice talking to you, hope it wont be as long till the next time, but like I say, time is valuable! xx