Monday, 16 September 2013

peppermint tea

I have not been to work today. After an issue a few weeks ago I have sometimes been anxious getting in, well, this morning I took boychild to his school and due to the weather and amount of traffic I knew I was going to be late. I had left in plenty of time. So, I started having a panic attack. My heart started racing and my breath became short. I couldnt focus (not good when driving), so I pulled off the road to a McDonalds. In the car park I sent a text to hubby and phoned the school saying I wasnt well. At that time I wasnt. I know all about panic attacks as girlchild and hubby have suffered from them.Now experiencing my own was not good.
So, I have spent the day at home. Bliss! I have done homework, played with May, quality time with girlchild and tried to relax. I am now drinking peppermint tea. Hmmm.
As a rule I drink proper tea. Can be decaf, but I do enjoy proper tea with milk no sugar. I dont do fancy pantsy fruity teas, cammomile makes me feel ill, and green tea...whats the point? But girlchild said I should try peppermint tea for health reasons. I keep trying it! I have found I can drink about half a cup, as long as the tea bag is taken out at the right time and I have the right amount of honey in it. I drink it out of necessity. So, as I have sat here talking to you, I have drunk todays half cup! Thank you!

Friday, 13 September 2013

WOW! Have I been busy or what? This studying is great fun, but can be hard work! Tonight I have been researching about copyright. A homework was due to be submitted today but due to time it never got done, I emailed the tutor and she gave me an extension. However I have set myself a time limit to get it done by, and I want to get it submitted by Monday. Therefore I need to finish it this weekend. I gave myself a respite by doing the topic quiz and on the second attempt got 10/10, so well pleased! That has been this afternoon, this morning has been another story!
If you read further back in my blog you will know I used to go to a Pilates class on a Friday morning, then go for coffee with Trish. due to TAFE, those had to be cancelled. Today I was able to go for coffee as my class was cancelled! It was fantastic catching up with Trish and Jo again! We just talked and talked! Jo has moved house, Trish is loving her TAFE class over at the Arts section where she is making jewellery, and I told them about peeing Penny!
Our older dog, Penny, a Cavalier King Charles has developed an incontinence problem. we blamed May at first then realised if May had peed that amount she would be a bag of bones with no fluid in her at all! so, we deduced it was Penny, and after blood tests and urine samples the vet has put her on medication. Well, I was about to go shower and dress ready for coffee but I could smell wee. On our sofa was a big wet patch. Girlchild had someone coming round, and I couldnt leave it smelly and horrible! Grabbed the covers off it and mopped up as much as I could then sprayed a deoderising spray on it and hoped it was ok! Really dont know what we are going to do about her. Cant keep on with the wee smell in the house! Oh well, it will get sorted, until then we have smelly candles and summer is on its way so doors can be opened!