Monday, 16 September 2013

peppermint tea

I have not been to work today. After an issue a few weeks ago I have sometimes been anxious getting in, well, this morning I took boychild to his school and due to the weather and amount of traffic I knew I was going to be late. I had left in plenty of time. So, I started having a panic attack. My heart started racing and my breath became short. I couldnt focus (not good when driving), so I pulled off the road to a McDonalds. In the car park I sent a text to hubby and phoned the school saying I wasnt well. At that time I wasnt. I know all about panic attacks as girlchild and hubby have suffered from them.Now experiencing my own was not good.
So, I have spent the day at home. Bliss! I have done homework, played with May, quality time with girlchild and tried to relax. I am now drinking peppermint tea. Hmmm.
As a rule I drink proper tea. Can be decaf, but I do enjoy proper tea with milk no sugar. I dont do fancy pantsy fruity teas, cammomile makes me feel ill, and green tea...whats the point? But girlchild said I should try peppermint tea for health reasons. I keep trying it! I have found I can drink about half a cup, as long as the tea bag is taken out at the right time and I have the right amount of honey in it. I drink it out of necessity. So, as I have sat here talking to you, I have drunk todays half cup! Thank you!

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