Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Good evening! WOW! Its been ages! I have been a busy bee at TAFE learning how to say shhh and put the odd library book away.Yes, at last I have uploaded my last assignment and hope I dont get it sent back for adjustments.
On the course I have met some lovely ladies: Megan, Lyndal, Margie and Linda. We have had fun, almost tears, frustration but most of all we have found friendship. These ladies mean a lot to me.
So, thats my Library assistant course, what else has happened in my life? Well, May is growing up! Not in size, but in age! She is still a little cutie and a little pesky puppy at times! She sleeps on the bed between me and hubby, all snuggled, untill she needs to go for a pee! Then she bounces over and off the bedd, wakes up Penny and me in the process. After the wee break she is back in the house and on the bed so damn quick she looks at me when I walk into the room as if to ask what took me so long!
We are soon to be on Christmas holidays here. Thats six weeks of no work, and unfortunatly no pay. However, we manage, and survive!  Well, we have to.

Hopefully I will be able to spend more time here now I am not studying, so, until next time, night night!

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