Sunday, 3 March 2013

My novel!

As I was sleeping the other night, an idea for my novel popped into my head. This is not unusual, but it is unusual in that when I woke up I rememberd it! All day my mind played with it, then that evening the words tumbled from my fingers and a Prologue was written. Chapter one is now happening, unfortunately the first attempt is about to be squashed up into a ball and placed in the rubbish bin. You see I have just had another idea for it! Instead of it just being her, it will be him and her! They will oth speak! Yay! It may work! If I can keep myself interested enough I may be able to get to the end of the story and not finish half way through....or less! So tomorrow when I get home from school I intend to have a writing session. I am flexible on this, due to life gets in the way!

On another note, today I introduced daughters boyfriend to the English delight of Toad in the Hole! Sausage in yorkshires, that's all it is! It was a bit late due to the fact the cake took its time to cook. It was a marble cake, turned a lot chocolatey but was nice! And of course we all know you can't put 'wet' stuff in the oven with a cake or it won't rise properly. So dinner had to wait a bit! Cake was lovely, so was dinner! Made some carrot cake cupcakes too! Yummy! No weight loss this week! Whoops! 

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