Friday, 1 March 2013

It's been too long!

It feels ages since I last wrote! I have been a bit tired and just vegged out infront of the tv playing Hay Day and Candy Crush. How sad is that? Very!
Hubby was off work yesterday and today. Not ill or anything sad like that, but following his other passion in his life: the Adelaide Clipsal 500 V8 racing. His first passion is watching cycling apparently. After being married for over 26 years I knew he meant that I was in there somewhere! So off he goes to the city, there he will meet up with his parents who also love the sport and they have a jolly good time. Me, I watch it on TV, with the aircon on if I need it and a cup of tea when I want. Come Sunday he can be a bit over spending time with his parents!
One of my passions is reading. At the moment I am reading a book from the library on my ereader (very rarely read a proper book now, they are always on the ereader now!) that I thought was of an era and place I like, Scotland in the times of lairds and maidens, from 1500s. Well, it's more like Scotland in the 1800s with damsels in distress being loved by the lairds. Yep, it's the Fifty Shades set in Scotland in times past! Three stories in one book, all on a similar theme. Reading them because they are there! Honest! However, got me thinking, I have never read the Fifty Shades series but some people think this erotica is new, come on peeps, it's not. It has been around for ages! Mills and Boon know all about it! There's is tamed down but it is there. Then there are others they just don't have all the hype about them that the Shades had!
Completely changing the subject, saved us from a big vets bill today! Penny, our little Cavalier King Charles got a grass seed in her paw today. I noticed she wasn't happy walking and had started to lick her paw. Well, she eventually let us look and while hubby held her I checked it out. I was about to give up and phone the vet when it touched my finger! It was a burr type. The ones that get matted into fur (or socks!) and cause distress! Upon retrieval, and a little cuddle better she trotted off a happy little girl! No more paw licking and now sleeping in the cool draft from the fan!
Time for me to sign off now, have a good weekend! I will.... hubby is out tomorrow and Sunday at the V8s!

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