Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My week

I have had a funny week. Not funny haha but oh dear funny. Monday was a work day. It was good, helped children and teachers. Felt good. Worthwhile. Tuesday was mums birthday, so after another morning at school I got her some flowers on the way home then when hubby came home we went to see her. She is now 80 years old and still active and lovely. Every morning she wakes up and thanks God, well, at 80 she says she never knows if she may not wake up! Apparently she has a wedding venue picked out. Just got to find the groom. I asked her not to have a long engagement! Love her to bits!
Then today. Oh dear! Started well. I have a reading group from my year 6/7s. We are reading a lovely book called Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird. All about a family involved in the Kurd and Saddam Hussain Iraqis war. The children are willing to read, enthusiastic and observant. If they don't understand a part they will ask.  A great group. Then I had some guys working on something else, wanted to bang my head against a brick wall! It involved a plane crash, one lad said a bird flew into an engine, that would cause the crash. Yes I said, it could. Another said a snake caught in the engine (this happened recently on a Qantas flight), this probably wouldn't cause it said I, but it happend said they, yes said I, but the plane didn't crash. Hmmm, said they, ok then, how about a crate of snakes? Have you seen snakes on a plane said I! Anyhow, managed to get them away from the snakes, and onto the topic in hand with just enough time to write the piece! Then my day hit a black spot. Most of my children were then in committees or otherwise engaged and I felt like a spare part. Not a fun feeling! However, this afternoon I was redeemed. Two boys, both with issues came out of the class to work with me and we had a pleasant afternoon of working and talking. Social skills. People forget that we need to learn how to talk to others, how to wait our turn to speak.
Then my day hit the rocks again, I had to go to the dentist! Love my hygienist and dentist, but I hate going to them! Chris is lovely and chatty while she cleans and polishes, Rob has a lovely manner and dreamy eyes but I wish I didn't have to go! And now after the pulling around I have face ache. Panadol and bed for me soon!

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