Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tonight I danced!

What a few days I have had! Well, Sunday we went to another Fringe Show: The Lady Sings It Better. They were one of the acts from Titters, a showcase of female talent. Anyhow, these ladies sang male orientated songs but with the female twist. They were awesome! One to watch again!

Monday was the day off for a horse race! Due to it being a Public Holiday all shops were shut, so we went to the movies. Bad choice! We saw "I give it a year" and wasted an hour of our lives! We did have a coffee after that helped make up for it!

That was then, today is Wednesday, and I danced! I dusted off my tap shoes popped them on and with other older ladies we danced at the dance studio! It was good fun, we did some warm ups, some corner work then we did a dance! So good!

Now I am knackered. Night!

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