Friday, 15 February 2013

I don't like mushrooms.

Today has been a busy-ish day. After taking boychild to school I zipped off to my Pilates class. Yes, I am working on my six pack, it's just it is covered in a layer of insulation! It was a good class. One of the regulars is about to have a baby. No, I mean really about to have a baby! I didn't expect her to turn up today, but she came in and did her modified program to help her next week. If she hasn't popped by Wednesday, the baby will be here Thursday! Bit exciting! Anyhow, as she left we wished her luck and she promised to pop in with the baby!
After class I went to meet another friend for coffee. We met at a different Pilates studio and carried on the habit of coffee after class, and as my class is half an hour earlier than hers I go and meet her at the cafe. As per normal I paid for mine then sat to wait. And wait. And wait. I texted her. In the end I had my coffee, and left. I sent her another text just saying that I hoped she was ok. Just after I got home she replied. Major headache and a dead phone and an apology! As long as she is ok!
Hubby is still home, no energy but getting better. So after doing nothing all afternoon he took boy child to his diving thing and picked up dinner on the way home! Pizza and chips! But I don't like mushrooms. The pizza was covered in mushrooms. Ewwww! By the time I had taken them off I was left with the base, barbecue sauce and chicken. The cheese came off with the mushrooms. Hubby did appologise, but ewww! Mushrooms!
On a lighter note, my daughter comes back from Bali tomorrow. She has had a lovely time, apart from loosing her bank card yesterday. We were having Internet issues anyhow, but she was getting frantic to message me to cancel her card, in the end her boyfriend messaged me! Card canceled and she didn't need anymore money anyhow! So looking forward to her coming home, but I do think she will be going back!

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