Thursday, 21 February 2013


Why do some people piss you off? Is it just in their nature or is it that you rub them up the wrong way or is it just me? Some people think they know best and what they say is gospel, but the don't get that people may have opinions that may differ from theirs. Perhaps it's the Aspergers in us all coming out, whatever it is, it really pisses me off! Enough of the rant, now on with the good stuff!

Today I had coffee with mum before we shopped, hubby's parents had another outing to go to today so they were not there. Anyhow, as we sat talking, mum made a comment about the hospital system here. She then asked what would happen if she fell over and broke her hip, she doesn't have hospital cover on her private health, what would happen to her. The look on her face was a worried look. I don't know if she thought she would be left at home or what. "Mum" I told her, "you have ambulance cover so you would be taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. It will be a general hospital, not a private one, but you would be looked after and cared for. You might not have the private room or the posh facilities but the care and service would be the same." I don't know how long she had been worrying about it, but the poor thing did look a bit relieved! She is worried enough as it is. You see she came to Australia to be with us, but her money will run out, and with it her independence. She will eventually move in with us. She knows it will happen, and we are happy about it, but she is an independent tough old bird. She loves her space and her independence and privacy. Don't we all. However, even though my brother is still in Blighty, she is here with me to look after her as a daughter would do. And will do. Not because it is my duty, but because I love her.

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