Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's my weekend!

Today is Ash Wednesday, but it also signifies the start of my weekend! *does happy dance!* I only work Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, not because I am lazy but I don't want to work any more than those three days! On a Thursday I endure coffee with my mum and hubby's parents before I shop with mum then take her home. Then on a Friday I have my day, I go to a Pilates class then coffee with my lovely friend Trish. So how can I work any more? I can't! Therefore I rest my case and only work the three days. Ok the money is crap but the mind is better!

So here I am at home. I don't have to wait for hubby to come home as he is already here. He is poorly. I made him a cup of tea when I got back from taking boy child to the doctors, but it sits there getting cold. 'Oh yes please, that would be nice he said!' He is now snoring his little head off.

Yes, today I had to take boychild to the doctors. He is part of the Scout movement, a Venturer. They are going diving on Friday. As he suffered from asthma when he was little and now has allergic rhinitis we ticke two boxes on the medical form. If you tick a box you need to have a doctors permission. So we saw the doctor. It interrupted my nap time but it had to be done. Turns out the doctor had seen boychild on stage in his dance concert. Not suffering from asthma there! All good, form signed and home 30 minutes after the appointment time! Result! Doctor was nice too. It's hard to find a doctor you can get on with, there are a couple at the practice I use that I am not keen to see, but there are also some I like!

Can I just say, there was something else I wanted to tell you, but I can't remember what it is! An age thing I presume!

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  1. hope Phil feels better soon and woohoo go have a very busy week Pat.x