Monday, 18 February 2013


Today after work I was going to go for a walk. However the temps hit 39.8deg so the walking shoes stayed in the back of the air conditioned car. In fact they are still there now! Maybe they will be taken out tomorrow! I will be going to look at a gym tomorrow. Don't know why. I can't stand gyms! They are the devils home! However, due to the fact that I need to do something in the form of exercise I will go have a look at one, then go for a coffee and lunch maybe.....
On a lighter note I have started playing a couple of games on the iPad. Three actually! Candy crush, Hay Day and 4 pictures 1word! All very different! One is stratergy, one very silly, and one annoying. You can work it out what way round... Why am I playing them? I don't know! I think I need to study again or do something crafty again!
As the title says, today is Monday, and after being to work I am tired, so tonight's words are short and sweet, night all!

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