Saturday, 16 February 2013


My little girl is home! She has been to Bali with some friends for twelve days. Bali. The place where you hear of bribery and corruption from the law enforcement, of people imprisoned for drug trafficking who plead their innocence, of Bali bum (think Dheli belly!) and people going on holiday and never coming back alive. However, I know people who love the place, one in fact has taken up residence for six months to a year there with her thirteen year old son. The boy is in a school there, called The Green School and apparently he loves it. But when your child says she is going to Bali with friends you do get a bit panicky. Then when her Internet stuffs up and her messages don't come through you worry. But today, we collected her from the airport....and breathed a sigh of relief! Apparently she had a wonderful time! She rode on an elephant, she went white water rafting, loved the villa they were in, and will go back! For us it was a long twelve days!
Her boyfriend spent the afternoon with us, had dinner with us, then took her to town so she could go dancing with some other friends! He was ok with it, he is working early tomorrow so would be leaving at the same time as she went out. They will see each other again tomorrow.
Meanwhile tonight hubby and I did something we have started doing occasionally. After dinner we went out for coffee! Well, I had hot chocolate due to the fact that if I have coffee after six I am awake most of the night. We don't go to the pub for the night, we like to sit home and watch tv. We do go to the movies, theatre and concerts or shows, but we have started going out for a coffee after dinner some times. It's nice. Just the two of us. And we talk. Something we all need to do, talk to our partners. Create time to be together. Ok when we win the lotto we may not want to be together all day, but in the meantime the odd coffee together is nice!

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