Sunday, 17 February 2013


I have had a lovely day today! Firstly we went to the beach, the four of us, for a lovely walk. Now I know I want to work on my fitness but with hubby who is now training every day it was a bit like a route march. 2k up the beach, walking in the surf ankle/mid calf and on soft then hard sand was a good workout. Then don't forget the need to go back down the beach to get back to the car. Route march. I enjoy a walk, I love a walk on the beach, I like to get the heart pumping, but I do it at my own pace. On the plus side we had a lovely coffee at the turnaround point!
It did make me think though, on joining a gym. I hate gyms. I love my Pilates class. But I hate gyms. But I can get a gym membership cheaper than a block of Pilates classes. So do I go to the gym and try and work on my fitness or not? I still need to do the Pilates to get my body strong, but the cardio needs attention!
Tomorrow is Monday, and as we didn't win the lotto last night, I have to go to work tomorrow. Deep joy. I do like my job. I do love my job. But....

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