Saturday, 23 February 2013

My day!

Decided to do some gardening today! Outside our bedroom window we have a patch of garden with an apple tree and a lemon tree. Underneath them was grass. That died. So we fed the soil and made a veggie plot. First crop was good, second feeble third non existent! We fed the soil and everything but nope. No more veggies. We tried to get the grass to grow there again, but no. So we covered it in weed suppressant cloth and we were going to put white stone chips on it, but the cloth started to disintegrate before we got it, so today I have been weeding. Some of the little blighters  had popped up again! Also the lemon tree was a bit sick, so I pruned it, fed it and watered it! Lets see if it perks up!

Then this evening we went to the movies. We went to see Save Haven. It was good, but not another notebook! It is the last of the movies we wanted to see for a while, we have had a run of must sees but we think that is it for now! However we may go and see Oz! Now we are sitting at home watching HungernGames. I have read the books and although they are not my normal genre I did enjoy them.

Tomorrow is another busy day! We are off to see a Fringe Show: High Tea with Joyce Grenfell! Looking forward to it!

Going to sign off now, the film is getting intense! Laters!

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