Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day, also today being Thursday!

Valentines day did not get off to a good start. You see I had planned to get a card for hubby this morning, then place it on the bed/where he puts his bag or somewhere when he got home. I hadn't planned for him being home ill. Bugger. When I got out of the shower this morning was a red envelope on the pillow. Whoops. 'My card for you is still in the shop....sorry!' Hmmm. Didn't look promising! I told him I hadn't banked on him leaving work early yesterday and being home today. 'So when I got up this morning to go to work there was to be no card waiting?' 'Ermmm....nope! Sorry!' I mean, we don't do prezzies or flowers as, well, as Megan Gale said last night on The Project, it means more if it is spontaneous. Hence the change of time for the card from me...ring the changes and all that. Luckily, he was too poorly to feel to put out! When I went shopping I brought him a lovely card, and a box or Roses to share this afternoon! I also got two red roses, courtesy of mums garden!

Today is also Thursday. It means it is my day for shopping and meeting the parents for coffee. My taking care of the elderly! We meet at Cibo in the Plaza, the Inlaws get there first normally as they have nothing to do and need conversation. Mum follows along after getting the bus (if she is ill or whatever I do pick her up but as she gets free bus rides she says its just as easy for her get the bus). So, I get there to meet his mum and dad, then himself walks in from going to the doctor, then mum walks up. Lots of Oooos and Ahhhhhs about his health and lots of 'you've got to get it checked out,' and 'so it's a virus, did they give you anything?' Nope, it's a virus. Can't give anything as when we were little the doctors handed out antibiotics like sweets and now they realise their mistake. However, it is now on his record and he has a sick note. We then proceed to hear the same story in triplicate, and stereo, while we have a lovely coffee. Hubby is lucky. He can make a quick exit due to the state of his health. I can't. I pick up my bag. Hint hint. Time to shop. Eventually we get to Woolworths and sort out the groceries!
Happy Valentines day people!

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