Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I was told to do this!

Today I was told I should write a blog as my Facebook statuses can be funny. I said I had tried before without much success, I gave up after the idea had been made to a blog. But this one, maybe, just maybe, might make it through!

So who am I? My name is Pat, I am a mum and a wife. I live in Australia after emigrating from England. I work in a school as a teaching assistant part time. The rest of my time is spent playing on my iPad and doing a jigsaw puzzle. Oh, I also do housework, read, shop, and help my mum, but that is not seen!

I like baking and cooking. I often make up recipes, so if I say that, for instance, today is pancake day so I did savoury pancakes with mince, cannelloni style....please don't ask for the recipe as I don't know it! A pinch of this, a splash of that, put in the oven and Bobs your uncle! There is dinner! You will be pleased to know that cakes are more to the printed word.....ish!

Yesterday I was so chuffed! I harvested 2.4lb of grapes from my vine! Not wine grapes but small eaters. I put a pic on my fb page and had 23 likes! Don't know why...they were only grapes that I managed to save from the birds! You see, I told the birds they couldn't have them this year, last year they cleaned the vine for me! I didn't show them where they were, but on Christmas Day mother in law did.  'Oh look,' she said, 'you have some lovely bunches in there' moving the leaves aside 'you better cover them in net to stop the birds!' Well, I believe that the birds can have some, they need them more than me, but I would like to try them too!