Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Today tonight!

On The Project tonight they did a feature on angry kids. Today I was told of an incident with one of my pupils at home where he had a rage. This ended with his mum calling the police. He came into school today tired. We wondered was school a sanctuary for him, or was it his choice. We couldn't ask him as we didn't want him to have another anger attack and harm himself or others. Then seeing the report on the angry kids tonight made me hope mum had managed to get help for the kid today. He needs it. On the whole he is not a bad kid. Maybe a bit loud, maybe a bit outspoken, but when he smiles his whole face lights up, when he laughs his eyes shine, but in an instant when he gets frustrated he is scarey. Did kids get that angry when we were young? Angry enough that mum needed to call the police?

That was just part of my day. Another part was going to have a look at a gym.  It was good, just what I needed. But hopefully I won't be using it! Daughter came home last night from the dance school and they are going to try adult tap classes! On a night I can go! Yes!!! Fitness with fun! Problem solved!

Another part of my day was finishing my jigsaw puzzle! Now what am I going to do? :-)

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